Stewardship Campaign: Blessing of Challenge – Week 5

Join us on Sunday, November 2nd for the last weekend of testimonials about thewindow importance of supporting St. Martin’s in the coming year.  We are a growing community that serves an important role in the lives of our members, our families, our guests, our diocese and the local community.  To continue our efforts, we need the time, talent and treasure of our members.  We ask that you pray on the question of the ways in which you can support St. Martin’s in preparation for our pledge in-gathering on November 9th!

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Upcoming events at St. Martin’s

Blessing of Challenge Stewardship Campaign Kicks off !

The 2015 Stewardship campaign, The Blessing of Challenge, got into full swing on Sunday October 5th.  The campaign asks each of us to think on not only the blessings being a part of St. Martin’s has bestowed upon us, but how the challenges we face – as a

Blessing of Challenge: Seeking your time, talent, and treasure.

Blessing of Challenge: Seeking your time, talent, and treasure.

spiritual community, as individuals, and as a Church within the diocese – are also blessings.  Challenges call upon us to discover new skills, talents, beliefs in order to achieve.  Without the challenges we all face our successes would be limited and not nearly so sweet.  So the challenge itself becomes a blessing.

Making a commitment as to the time, talent, and treasure you will be bestowing upon the church in advance is critical as we move forward in establishing our budget and activities for 2015.

Join us each Sunday to hear about the challenges St. Martin’s is facing and what we have to offer as a community.

Join Us for Fall Festival on October 25th!


The Fall Festival Celebration will be Saturday evening,  October 25th from 6-9pm in the Community Life Building.  Stay tuned for more information regarding activities and donations needed.

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Save the date and Help Needed!

Help Still Needed!

We are still in the active growing season here in Colorado which means the grass is Lady bug on grasshappily soaking up every drop of rain and growing, growing, growing!  We like to keep our campus looking tidy and that means mowing!  There are plenty of open spots available in August to mow the lawn.  It doesn’t take too long on the riding mower and anyone over 16 can be trained how to do it!  

Look for the sign up sheet in the narthex and help us keep St. Martin’s beautiful!

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