Brown Bag Lunch Event

Reigniting Followership!
A Brown Bag Lunch Discussion with Chris Laping
Author of People Before Things

If you think about it: the Church is a 2000 year-old brand that has emerging competitivePeople Before Things pressures and things that distract potential followers of Christ.  During his tenure at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Chris Laping managed the challenge of reigniting the relevance of a 45 year-old brand. Millennials made up 87% of Red Robin’s workforce—and they were leaving to work elsewhere at an unprecedented rate! Although a different context, many lessons-learned that Chris learned from this corporate experience are highly applicable to the Church … and the recent defection of churchgoers.

In this interactive session full of storytelling, Chris will share concepts from his newly-released book, People Before Things, talk about a compelling model for enabling and activating change, and present practical ideas for building “followership.” Please join us for this first-time, exclusive book-release event!

When: Thursday, June 23, 2016, the talk begins at noon, book signing immediately afterwards.

Where: Sixth Avenue United Church of Christ, 3250 Sixth Avenue (between Adams and Steele streets), Denver, Colorado 80206, There is on-the-street parking available around the church. You may have to walk a block or so from where you park.

RSVP here by June 21st.

Cost: This is a free event . . . just bring your own lunch!

People Before Things will be on sale for $28. A portion of the book sale proceeds will be donated to the Colorado Council of Churches.

Check out this testimonial!
“People Before Things” is a phrase that particularly resonates with clergy leadership as the wider Church wrestles with systemic changes in culture, structure and social norms. Chris Laping reminds us that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” is a universal truth. Chris’ gifts for translating the tenets of leading through inevitable times of change promotes authentic conversation and the implementation of strategies that continually reminds us all that relationships are the primary vehicle through which meaningful transformation can occur. Leaders in every organization: for-profit, non-profit, secular, sacred will benefit from Chris’ expertise, experience and vision.

Chris Laping’s ability to speak to the crucial message of relational leadership has the potential to impact leaders in every sector of our society. How we lead people as human beings matters. It matters for those of us in leadership to keep in the forefront of every decision, meeting and strategy that real people with real lives and emotions, are the heart, soul and life-force of our organizations. Chris’ presentation at our clergy conference sparked a dialog that rippled from ourselves as clergy leadership to our leadership at the congregational level. This is a vital conversation for every leader, congregation and denomination.

Rev. Brigette Weier, Pastor of Faith Formation, Bethany Lutheran Church, Cherry Hills Village, CO.

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Easter Blessings 2016

This Easter, I asked, as I usually do, the infamous Easter question: “How do we know the tomb was empty?”  That question comes from Rev. Doug Dunn at St. Luke’s, Denver, and is a question one of his seminary professors asked of the class when Doug was at Nashotah House many years ago.  I would imagine many of us have asked ourselves the same question in one form or another.

This year, I added another statement regarding the tomb that one of my seminary professors had stated in the first theology class we took the very first semester we were at Sewanee.  Joe Monti was that professor, and Joe stated, “the tomb was not empty, the body of Jesus was there, or at the very least had been stolen away.”

Both of these, a question and a statement, really have the same answer.  And, the answer to both at the time it happened really doesn’t matter to us anyway.  You see, the answer to the question, and the reasoning behind the statement is, “because we experience the risen Christ in our lives today” and we do!  In so many ways in our everyday lives we find and experience Jesus: in our relationships, our jobs, our schooling, our play and especially in our worship.  Sometimes we look for the risen Lord Jesus intentionally, and other times we stumble upon His presence when we least expect it. In either case, looking for or surprised by, Jesus is there.  Thankfully!!!

Oh, I realize that saying the body was in the tomb, or just stolen, implicating that Jesus was dead and stayed dead, is going against scripture, and I do fully believe the bible—Jesus did rise from the dead.  However, what I’m getting at is it really does not matter what happened two thousand years ago— the tomb empty or not— what matters more is what’s happening in our lives now, today.

I suspect it might be correct to say we are still looking for that body, and it might be more correct to say we are finding what we are looking for.  Remember back to Mary’s story of coming to the tomb and finding it empty, only to see what she thought was the gardener standing there watching her?  And when he spoke her name, “Mary” she knew it was Jesus calling her.  Mary went looking for the body and found the risen Lord, and it is a search that still goes on to this day.  We look for Jesus at church.  We look for Jesus in our loves and in our livings.  We look for Jesus when we volunteer at St. Clare’s or donate to the food banks.  We look for Jesus whether we realize we are looking or not, but we still find him. That’s because Jesus is in our lives today and always.  Keep an eye out, open your ears, and look-and-listen for the risen Lord in your life, he is there.  He will call you by name, and like Mary, you will know him for He is yours.

Easter Blessings, Jim+

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Holy Week Schedule 2016


cross-dove-mdPlease join us for Holy Week services!

Palm Sunday, March 20th – 8:00 am and 10:15 am
Maundy Thursday, March 24th – 7:00 pm
Vigil in the “Garden” after Maundy Thursday Service
Good Friday Mass of the Pre-sanctified, March 25th – 7:00 pm
The Great Vigil of Easter, Saturday, March 26th – 7:30pm
Easter Sunday, March 27th – 8:00 am and 10:15 am


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