Bishop O’Neill Visits St. Martin in the Fields One Last Time

Bishop Rob O’Neill made his last official visit to St. Martin’s on a cold, snowy January 21st.  It was marvelous to have some time with the Bishop as he spoke so eloquently of the challenge to follow a christian calling to love all, be faithful servants, and live our faith everyday.

We at St. Martin’s were also able to thank the Bishop for his long service to the diocese and his support of St. Martin’s – spiritually, administratively and financially.  Special thanks to all those who braved the weather and treacherous roads to make Bishop O’Neill feel welcome.

Fr. Bob Hart and Bishop Rob O’Neill greet parishioners after the 10:15am service.

Sr. Warden Thor Nelson thanks Bishop O’Neill for his support of St. Martins.

Preparing communion

Blessing from Bishop O’Neill

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